Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Learning Aloud

One of the things that's been interesting for me during the Troy Road process so far has been the process of learning how to make films with no safety net. Whenever we make a film we stick it up on the internet to see how it goes.

Some might argue that it would be safer to practice in the quiet of privacy and wait until you were really happy with what you had before you unleashed it. But that I think is a mistake. This version of a strategy means that we can literally chart our progress. As we get better you will be able to see that and appreciate the leg work that went into that rather than seeing a finished work and thinking - hey that looks pretty easy.

In fact I'm pretty sure Nick and I thought that it would be easier than it actually is. Luckily it's also fun and something that we both have always wanted to do. But it is tricky, and massively time consuming. It probably works out at about a day a minute! (this is counting the detective drama at four minutes not twelve.) It's about a day of filming and then lots of grabbed hours in the editing booth.

It was only while editing some of the up coming film on Sunday that I really appreciated the time involved. And wondered why I hadn't remembered this from my film making exercises in my youth? But then as I thought back I did remember the long hours editing (with video tape back then) so why wasn't it imprinted on my brain? Well it was simple I was having fun and I didn't have a job. On those long summer holidays it didn't seem to matter if you needed to lock yourself in a room for a three day stretch. Now it's much more tricky but still just as worth it. Even if what's coming out seems a little raw. We've all got to learn somehow.


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