Sunday, March 4, 2007

The Hardest Cut - The details

The edit here had three new elements which I hadn't tried before.

Under the inserts there are often multiple cuts even between one actor. So I might have said a long string of dialogue with an important part at the beginning and the end but there was a lot of waffle in between. Well under the insert I would just cut out all of the waffle.

Second even when we are in the two shot I am cutting seemlessly the audio. This allowed me to turn up your dialogue. Not quite as much as I'd liked because there wasn't as much differential between your dialogue and Radio 4 in the background as I'd hoped and it was simply making that louder too. But I think it makes a big difference. And the worse excesses of the radio were hidden by the music. We should really use those tie mics next time.

Third, and perhaps most subtly, the footage is out of order in places. When I was editing the thing at first I was basically trying to save as much of the footage as possible. Basically I was just editing out the fluffs and so on. Whereas once I wasn't restricted by this I could make some pretty big cuts. So under one of the inserts we go to (from the master edit, a clip from 2:20, a clip from 12:30 and then back to a clip from 4 something). Because I knew I wasn't going to use the bit at 12:30 but I had a piece of dialogue that would make two bits I wanted to go together go together it worked really well. Although it seems obvious now that you can do this it really was a revelation to me as I was working because I had been working as a restorer at first trying to take each scene back to the it could be in isolation, rather than a storyteller in the edit room who could completely revise the script (not that there was one).

As an additional note the music in the film is from 1950 and is called All the things you are and is by Charlie Barnet. Because it is from back in 1950 the rights to this music have now expired and so we are legally allowed to put it into our music without paying royalties. I think that we should try wherever possible to use this kind of music (or our own).


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