Sunday, February 4, 2007

The road less travelled

So maybe the best thing is to start quietly and build to a crescendo. Peak too early, and only disappointment can follow.

Nick and I have decided to start a film production collective and we are calling it Troy Road. It might be Troy Road Productions, it might be Troy Road film. It could, honestly, be anything, but the truth is all of the details haven't yet been worked out.

If you are interested in details being worked out then you have truly come to the right place. Because this is where we'll be working out what we're going to be filming, how we're going to film it, and where. We'll also be posting the movies, and working out the lessons we've learnt from the process.

We made our first movie yesterday so we're bringing you, our dear readers, in on the ground floor. You will literally be able to chart our progress (lets hope there is some - Ed).

Anyway, enough of this rambling. Hope you enjoy it.



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