Wednesday, February 7, 2007

The Pope

Following on from what Nick said about scripts being the least important. I do think that they allow us a framework in which to create a lot of film much more quickly.

On the day we spent filming we spent a lot of time dealing with learning / not learning the script and actually executing the shots rather than the parts where we were blocking the shots, and making decisions about the edit, decisions about the music and so on.

So while I agree that the script is unimportant, if we have it locked down early I really think we could shoot much more film per session.

A tight script learnt, means a tight shoot and a much easier edit. And if it's funny people might be interested in watching.

That said your comment really helps me this morning as I had had an idea (following on in the vein of sayings etc) for which I hadn't written a script (I had to go to Ikea last night!)

The idea was a reporter who is asking an average person a question, the person's answer's "Is the pope a Catholic", which the reporter takes literally as a question. Suddenly he spots the pope in the background and runs after him shouting, "Mr the Seventh, Mr the Seventh!" When he catches up with him and he asks the pope if he is indeed a catholic, the pope says, "Does a bear shit in the woods"? Jump cut to our reporter pushing through the undergrowth. And then perhaps some inlaid footage of a bear. A sound effect while we are looking at a reaction shot from our reporter. And then the reporter looks directly to camera and says, "It appears the answer is yes".

Obviously this would require the new elements of outside and movement so we might have to wait a while for this one.


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